Teaser Rohöl-compagnie Zirkus Morsa cirque contemporain

Between progress and self-destruction, responsibility and hypocrisy there are many contradictions. So how to act? How to find reconciliation?
Did humans turn “unnatural”? At which point of evolution are we standing? In which degree do we influence (consciously and unconsciously) the planet that we are living on? Where we are evolving? Are we intelligent or the most stupid race on earth?
We are fascinated about both the complexity of nature and the achievements of mankind.
This project is about our feeling of loss of connection to the “whole”. Is there some kind of raw state from where everything could evolve and where everything could go back, something to rely on?
We would like to conduct the public into a mood of uncertainty. We want to surprise and hypnotize. We want to transmit a feeling of “rawness”, a feeling that everything is possible.

Capsule Rohöl

  • Client Zirkus Morsa
  • Date 7 mai 2018
  • Tags film, Spectacle vivant & culturel